Real Estate Seminar

Guiding Expats through the German Property Market

At German Sherpa, we understand the significance of purchasing property in Germany, both as an emotional and capital investment. Our Real Estate Seminar aims to provide expats with the essential knowledge and guidance needed to navigate the German property market with confidence and make informed decisions when buying a home or investing in real estate.

Key Features of Our Real Estate Seminar:

  • #1

    Difference between Emotional and Capital Real Estate Investment:

    Understand the dual nature of real estate as both an emotional investment (a place to call home) and a capital investment, along with a market overview to help you make informed decisions.

  • #2

    Requirements to Start Capital Investments:

    Learn about the essential requirements and criteria for starting capital investments in the German property market.


  • #3

    Importance of the Preferred List and How to Register:

    Discover the advantages of registering for our Preferred List, which grants you access to exclusive real estate offers for capital investment in Germany, ensuring that you have the best opportunities to maximize your investment potential.

  • #4

    Process for Emotional Investment and Capital Investment and the Next Steps:

    Understand the step-by-step processes for both emotional and capital investments, including property search, negotiations, closing procedures, and next steps to take after purchasing property.


  • #5

    Examples of Previous and Upcoming Capital Investment Projects:

    Gain insights into real-life examples of successful capital investment projects, as well as an overview of upcoming investment opportunities in the German property market.

Join our Real Estate Seminar and let German Sherpa guide you through the process of purchasing property in Germany.

Contact us today to learn more about our seminar offerings and start your journey toward property ownership with confidence and expert support.

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